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ZN002-PROTAG Programmer

Abrites Ltd.

ZN002-PROTAG Programmer

$ 664.29

I18 AVDI basic diagnostic package
The set consist of “AVDI diagnostic interface”, PC-Windows based software with general diagnostic functions such as displaying/clearing DTCs, measured values (live data) display, actuator tests and basic coding/configuration functions. Covered vehicle brands are Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Opel, Vauxhall, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Mercedes, Smart, Maybach, Renault, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Peugeot, Citroen, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Daihatsu, Subaru. Set includes PassThru (SAE J2534) compatible driver will allow usage of 3-rd party Hyundai/Kia GDS, GDS2 and Tech2Win – GM/OPEL, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes DAS, BMW, Mini, Volvo, SkiDoo, SeaDoo, CanAm, Fiat Examiner, Toyota, Honda, VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Bentley/Lamborghini ODIS ….). Additionally you will receive VCI emulator which can allow AVDI to emulate different interface units (like K-line interface, ELM327 interface, ..). Emulation allowing you usage of many additional 3-rd party software’s – Webasto TT, Evinrude Diagnostics, Suzuki/Yamaha Marine Diagnostics and many other. Initial purchase of AVDI interface includes one year software update of the basic diagnostic suite, tools and our online services and one year free support plan.
AMS Annual Maintenance Subscription
12 months access to the latest software releases and online servicesYour initial purchase of AVDI interface includes one year software update of the basic diagnostic suite, tools and our online services. To keep up to date your software applications and maintain usage of our online services we recommend the Annual Maintenance Subscription. Annual Maintenance Subscription is a renewable one year subscription. Annual Maintenance Subscription does not provide any support coverage this is provided separately by the Support Plan.
Activate AMS is required to purchase additional special functions
ZN002 PROTAG Programmer
The PROTAG programmer is the latest generation tool intended for operation with keys and transponders used in the latest authentication systems and immobilizers.
ZN030 ABPROG programmer
The following ICs are supported M35080xx, D080D0WQ, D160D0WQ, SPI 95xxx, I2C 24XXX, Microwire 93XXX, mcu in BCM2 of Audi A4/A5/Q5/A6/A7/A8/ VW Touareg, mcu in BCM of Renault Megane III, Scenic III, Fluence. ABPROG programmer (ZN030) including the ZN031 and ZN033 adapters. ABPROG programmer works with the AVDI interface only.
Adapter for ABPROG programmer. It allows programming of EEPROMs – M35xxx/I2C/SPI/MicroWire. This adapter is a part from ABPROG programmer (ZN030).
ZN032 ABPROG NEC adapter with socket
The adapter is intended for ABPROG programmer ZN030 to be used with NEC MCUs from Mercedes IR-keys.
ZN036 IR AVDI cable
Cable for reading data from EIS through Infra Red
ZN037 Renault CAN adapter
Adapter for diagnostics of all multimedia modules present in the car (Radio, Navigation, Bluetooth, Telephone, e.t.c)
ZN038 Fiat/Chrysler CAN adapter
Diagnostics adapter for ABS (Anti Lock Brakes), HALF (Haptical Lane Feedback), ESL ( Electronic Steering Lock), ORC (Occupant Restraint), EPS (Electric Power Steering), PAM (Parking Aid Module) present in Fiat 500x and Jeep Renegade
ZN039-2 Toyota Transponder Emulator
You NEED to have TN006 active in order to use the emulator. Emulator should ONLY be purchased as a REPLACEMENT. It is also included as part of the TN006 special function.
ZN041 Abrites cable/adapter set for Mercedes-Benz
Cable set consisting of Abrites main connector cable, Abrites fuse plug, Abrites switch relay cable, Abrites CAN H (High)/CAN L (Low) Connectors, Abrites LIN Connector, OBDII Y-connector and 3-way D-SUB 25 connection box. Used to facilitate key password extraction as well as module virginization in FBS2/FBS3 Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Works in connection with MN026 special function.
J1850 SAE J1850 adapter for AVDI
Adapter will allow diagnostic operation with SAE J1850 based diagnostic protocols used in the past from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth, Ford.
EM001 ABRITES ESL Emulator for Mercedes
By using the switches on the emulator, you can benefit from a 3-in-1 solution that supports the following models: W203, W204, W207, W208, W209, W210, W211, W212, W169, W245, Vito, Viano and Sprinter. This is a plug and play solution for most models. You can use the ABRITES Software for Mercedes to personalize the emulator (FREE OF CHARGE, NO TOKENS - available for all AVDI owners with valid AMS and special function MN026) or you can personalize the emulator with a green key in the same way as an original ESL (necessary ONLY for W204, W207 and W212).
EM002 ABRITES ESL Emulator for Renault
The ABRITES ESL emulator for Renault vehicles (EM002) is one of the most advanced ESL emulators currently available. The ABRITES ESL emulator is part of the all new ABRITES design, manufacturing and development process which allows the whole emulator unit to be designed, developed and produced in-house by us. The currently supported models include Renault Megane II, Megane III, Laguna III, Scenic III, Clio IV and Fluence.
CB002 AVDI cable for 20 pins round diagnostic connector for BMW
CB003 AVDI cable for 38 pins round diagnostic connector for MERCEDES
CB004 AVDI cable for 14 pins round diagnostic connector for MERCEDES Sprinter
CB005 AVDI cable for ESL(ELV) for Mercedes
CB006 AVDI cable for instrument cluster Mercedes W203, W209, W211, W219
CB007 AVDI cable for Bombardier diagnostic connector
CB008 AVDI cable for BMW bike diagnostic connector
CB009 AVDI cable for connection with trucks Deutcsh 6 pin (J1708)
CB100 AVDI OBDII cable (SAE J1962)
CB101 AVDI extension cable for PROTAG
This cable is a part of PROTAG and ABPROG programmers (ZN002, ZN030)
CB102 EXT cable for 25 pin F/M
CB103 OBDII Y cable M/2xF
CB104 USB A-B Cable
Cable used to connect the AVDI and PROTAG programmer to the computer
CB201 AVDI cable for connection with Suzuki Marine Engines type 1
CB202 AVDI cable for connection with Suzuki Marine Engines type 2 (round)
CB203 AVDI cable for connection with Yamaha Marine Engines
CB204 AVDI cable for connection with Evinrude Marine Engines
CB205 Evinrude Flash Update cable
CB301 AVDI cable for connection with Aprilia Bikes
CB302 AVDI cable for connection with KTM Bikes
CB303 AVDI cable for connection with Benelli Bikes
CB304 AVDI cable for connection with Suzuki Bikes (6 pins)
TA6 PCB (BCM2) - 868 Mhz
TA20 PCB (BCM2) - 433 Mhz
TA8 PCB (BCM2) - 315 Mhz
TA9 Abrites key (BCM2) - 868 Mhz
10 pcs x TA9 - Abrites keys (BCM2) - 868 Mhz
TA10 Abrites key (BCM2) - 315 Mhz
10 pcs x TA10 - Abrites keys (BCM2) - 315 Mhz
TA11 Abrites key (BCM2) - 433 Mhz
10 pcs x TA11 - Abrites keys (BCM2) - 433 Mhz
TA12 PCB for Mercedes IR key fob case with chrome. Frequency - 433 Mhz
TA21 PCB for Mercedes IR key fob case with chrome. Frequency - 315 Mhz
TA13 PCB for Mercedes IR key fob case small size. Frequency - 433 Mhz
TA22 PCB for Mercedes IR key fob case small size. Frequency - 315 Mhz
TA14 Abrites KEY for all types Mercedes with IR. Frequency - 433 Mhz
TA15 Abrites KEY for all types Mercedes with IR. Frequency - 315 Mhz
TA16 Abrites KEY-CARD for Renault vehicles
TA17 Abrites DST+ Electronic key head
TA19 Abrites Electronic key head (Renault/Dacia)
TA23 Abrites Electronic key head with remote control (Renault/Dacia)
ATC01 Abrites Tough Case - Small size
ATC02 Abrites Tough Case - Medium size
ATC03 Abrites Tough Case - Large size


Battery support unit - GYSFLASH 100-12 HF

ABRITES Tag Key Tool – software for TAGPROG
KT010 Tag Key Tool
This software will provide you access to the internal memory and configuration of transponders.Available tool for generation of keys by dump of immobilizer system of the vehicle (more than 1000 models are covered).Provided is the ability for preliminary preparation of transponders to be ready for usage with diagnostic equipment.Available functionality for cloning of Megamos 13, Temic 11, Temic 12, Texas 4C, PIT ID33, Tiris 4D, Tiris 4E, Temic 8C (Mazda, Ford, Proton).
KT011 Key Inspector
Utility for displaying information from different keys (VIN, last drive, mileage,..).
KT012 Porsche BCM
Key programming by dump from the Electronics Body Front Section control unit (with Motorola MCU inside - 9S12XDP512, XEP100)

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