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LISHIKEYCUTTER Genuine Lishi Key Cutter


LISHIKEYCUTTER Genuine Lishi Key Cutter

$ 31.43

Genuine Lishi Key Cutter 

Many locksmiths don’t offer key cutting services as they do not want to invest in expensive key cutting machines however the impressive Genuine Lishi Key Cutter is a great manual key cutter that is ideal for those last minute jobs or roadside jobs which require cutting Master and Slave keys or new key blanks. 

 Features of the Genuine Lishi Key Cutter:

·         Cuts Standard Auto Keys in decoder sets, 3 Piece Laser Keys, Master and Slave Keys

·         Cuts through Euro Cylinder and Rim Cylinder Keys

·         Perfectly Balanced Handle

·         High Grade Materials

·         Lifetime Guarantee against faulty workmanship (once registered at Official Genuine Lishi Website)

The best way to impress your client is to always have the right tools at hand. When combined with the Genuine Lishi Decoders or the Genuine Lishi 3in1the impressive Genuine Lishi Key Cutter will help you get speedy results and have your clients on their way in no time. Designed to be as versatile as possible the key cutter is suitable for a variety of keys which also includes domestic Euro Cylinder and Rim Cylinder Keys.

Genuine Lishi is the perfect example of high quality and innovation combined with durability and impressive manufacturing. Locksmiths around the globe trust Genuine Lishi tools and know that their investment is well worth it as the lock tools work time and again. Never find yourself unable to complete a job as you have no tools to cut keys or the necessary equipment to impress your client. The fantastic Genuine Lishi Key Cutter features a perfectly balanced comfortable handle and durable blade that will cut through just about any type of key.

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