Lishi Lock Pick Tools

Lishi lock pick tools are basic tools for a professional locksmith. Whether you are an advanced or just starting out, you must have high quality lishi pick set to get the job done right. Basically, there are two Lishi brands, Original Lishi and Genuine Lishi.

That's the power of the revolution in car lock picking - LISHI Auto Picks.

When the Pick and Decoders arrived on the locksmith hands, Auto Lock picking and also residential lock picking change forever. There are hundreds of lock pick tools in the market. Lishi Tools begin as an car opening tools and probably there is no car out there that can not be open with a Lishi lock pick tool. In just a blink of an eye, if you are a good locksmith, you can use lishi lock picks and decode any lock out there.

All the major auto locksmith and mechanics use them, also independent auto Locksmiths use them. You can find the best Lishi lock pick tools in our website. Car opening tools, lock picking, try out keys, blank keys, slim jim tools anything you would need to be successful in your business. If you are ready to do some key programming we can help too, Autel and Smart Pro are our most recommended key programming machines.