Key Cutting Machines

Like any tradesperson, locksmiths use a variety of equipment in their profession, including generic tools such as screwdrivers, chisels, drills, and hammers. However, like any specialty, one must acquire must-have items over time. So, whether you’re looking to open a professional key cutting shop or you currently own an engraving company and have thought about expanding your services, a professional-grade key cutting machine could be just the tool you need to transform your business. In fact, as you grow you will probably need several types of key cutting machines to ensure you have all the instruments you need on hand to shape, form, and finish your key cutting project. That’s why we carry an assemblage of key cutting machines for sale for the ultimate convenience! 

What is a key cutting machine?

A Key Cutting Machine, also known as a Key Duplicating Machine or Key Making Machine or Key Maker, is a piece of equipment that is used to cut the unique profile of a key. Since there are many types of machines needed to trace the profile of one key to another, it’s important to invest in the key cutting machine you need to complete your current work on hand and upgrade to others to support further business in the future.

Here are some examples of the types of keys you can cut:

  • Transponder keys, also known as chip keys, are commonly used on vehicles
  • Laser cut car keys are a complex type of key with specific patterns and ridges to match the car’s lock
  • Dimple keys are cone-shaped and need to be slotted in a particular way to unlock
  • Tubular keys are built to open tumbler locks such as bike locks or vending machine locks
  • Cruciform keys are primarily used for industrial applications

    While the above types of keys can be cut using a key cutting machine, due to their differences, some may require a different type of equipment to duplicate or create a key. 

    What types of Key Cutting Devices are there?

    Key Makers operate in three dimensions that are referred to as X, Y, and Z. The X-axis moves in a left-to-right motion, the Y-axis moves in and out, and the Z-axis moves up and down. That being said, while the mechanisms that are needed to produce keys are generally the same, each machine provides a different type of replacement key. Some of these key cutting machines are cheaper, and some are more expensive.

    So, whether you want to make a brand-new set or a simple duplicate, each type of key cutting machine can produce keys in a matter of minutes using this safe, effective, and accurate technology:

    • Manual key cutting machines
    • Automatic key cutting machines
    • Laser key cutting machines
    • Tubular key cutting machines
    • Cylinder key cutting machines
    • Mortice key cutting machines
    • Dual key cutting machines


    How do you use a Key Making Machines?

    Key cutting is the primary method for key duplication and while key cutting machines are mostly automated, there is a step-by-step setup that is needed before the process can take place:

    1. Select a blank key with a similar appearance to the original key
    2. Insert the original key into the first vice (make sure that the teeth are visible and facing upwards)
    3. Place the new key into the second vice of the machine (this is where the cutting blade is located)
    4. Ensure that both keys are fitted and the protective covered is closed before turning on your key cutting machine
    5. Once your machine is switched on, your machine will automatically detect the speed and angle at which the cutting wheel should be spinning
    6. Trace the teeth and grooves of the original key
    7. Switch off the machine when the cut is complete
    8. Use a wire brush to remove debris and polish any rough edges
    9. Compare the two keys side-by-side


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