Many keyless entry remote fob and smart key programming procedures allow you to do the programming yourself for free. However, some vehicles will require an Automotive Locksmith with special equipment. Here you will find programming instructions for Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobs and Transponder Keys. Click below to select your Vehicle.
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Vehicle Makes

Key Fob Programmer

A top of the line key programmer is designed to program the keys and remotes with a car by getting the information in and out the immo system.

One key programming tool or scan tool will then use various types of software, that means no one is going to be able to do the same type of cars and transponders. In the end many auto professionals need to purchase more than one programmer so they are able to reach as many car brands as possible.

There are many variations and considerations to take into account when buying a smart key programmer of this type at locksmith keyless. You can always reach us and we will be happy to help you decide.

What kind of interface is available?

A system diagnostic unit of this characteristic uses an obd2 diagnostic interface to get the info in and out from your car. Once it has been plugged into the vehicle, its programming functions will look into a wide range of key software to see where the issue is and try to search for the best way to solve it.

These useful transponders operate by looking for error codes and identifying smart ways to fix them. The car key programmers are good to work in a wide range of vehicles but to make it clear, there is no key programmer able to do them all.

Programming key fob, transponder keys, remote key and all kinds of master key will be very easy once you get to know the basic functions of your auto locksmith tool.

How many issues can these units diagnose?

When buying one of these key diagnostic tools you need to think about what would be the purpose of it. Are you an auto locksmith or a mechanic. There are two main types of key programmers out there. The ones that do car key programming only such as Smart Pro or the ones that do car key programming and diagnostics like Autel.

If you do only locksmiths you just need a good key programmer. Autel IM508 or the Smart Pro from Advanced Diagnostics or TopDon are probably the best out there. On the other hand if you are a mechanic, the recommendation would be to have Autel IM608 pro or Autel Ultra.

On the diagnostic side there are many helpful functions and problems that can be spotted quickly if you have these great tools. These key programs will quickly search through all of the issues that could be wrong with your cars immo, such as failed software.

Which programming languages can be used?

All units can be set up in English, but if you need to use it in another language it is also available. Just as importantly, these methods can be adjusted by the user to change it to any available language.

Have in mind that some key programmers are IP restricted. Ask Locksmith Keyless about this if you have doubts. There are many special functions very helpful that will help grow your key business.