Key Programming Devices

Replacing car keys with transponders requires advanced Car Key Programmers. The advanced Car Key Programmer can do far more than program new keys and remotes for capabilities on a wider range of vehicles than most similar devices.

What is a key programming device?

A key programmer is a device that’s used to recode mechanical keys (ex. Garage door openers) and key fobs—small handheld remote control devices that control a remote keyless entry system, either by pressing a button or standing close to the car’s unlocking mechanism. Since many modern automobiles are equipped with coded transponders in their keys that allow operators to start or run the vehicle based on a received signal, key programming tools are being used more often to specially code replacement fobs when the original keys are lost or damaged. 

Whether you currently operate a key cutting business and are looking to expand to the programming market or your auto dealership sells fob protection and/or key cutting and programming as a service, the best key programmers on the market are standalone units with bidirectional interfaces and on-board diagnostics connectors which make them the ultimate integrated scan tools. 

How does a key fob programmer tool work?

Depending on your age, you may recall a time where a single key could lock and unlock a door, and even as these types of keys evolved to include the first power-locking fobs, insertion of the key would always work as a last resort after the touch button operation. That being said, eventually, transponder keys replaced the original fobs which meant that manufacturers did away with the tedious button-pressing models and created a more innovative fob that didn’t require the user to do anything other than be in a certain range. This brings us to the most modern car keys and other types of entry keys using tiny radio transmitters to grant users access once the signal is achieved. These keys work by transmitting a code to a receiver in the car or entryway which will unlock the door upon receipt of that correct code. The transmitter (key) and receiver (car or entryway) must be synchronized, which means that if your key fob is damaged, you will not be able to transmit the signal and will remain locked out until it’s fixed or a new key is created. Since today’s key fobs could have more than a trillion possible codes they are more secure and must be synchronized to receive the correct signal. 

What happens if I damage or lose my key fob?

Locksmiths or automobile dealerships will use an auto key programmer, whereas a smart key programmer can be used for other mechanical key fob fixes and replacements. Regardless of the issue, when dealing with the inner workings of your fob, it’s best to not attempt to gain entry without first reprogramming your current fob or seeking out a replacement key. Since each manufacturer possesses a unique system for programming keys and may require proprietary software to gain access to your fob, be sure you enquire about the program to gain access to the right key programming tool. 

Attention locksmiths, dealerships, and other business owners looking to offer key programming services peruse the product section below to grab hold of the highest-quality key programming tools on the market.