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LISHIVICES / Genuine Lishi Lock Holden Training Vice


LISHIVICES / Genuine Lishi Lock Holden Training Vice

$ 60.00

Genuine Lishi Lock Holden Training Vice

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Developed to ensure that you are able to successfully defeat any lock while on the field the Genuine Lishi Training Vice will help you perfect your skills with your new Lishi tools. Especially when it comes to picking and decoding a training vice is essential as it holds the training lock in the perfect position. This particular training device is the ideal choice for those that have invested in Lishi tools such as the 3in1 Pick and Decoder and are looking to improve on their speed with lots of training. The vice is developed to hold strong onto your work table and position the training lock perfectly so as to allow you to get an identical experience as you would while on the road. This way when you are faced with a real situation on the road with this particular lock you can easily and quickly get the job done. As most Lishi tools ensure success within 3 minutes once mastered you are able to really get fast results if you have properly trained beforehand.

Manufactured of high grade materials you will be able to train with ease without the worry of the vice breaking or bending. Holding strong onto the table provides you the stability which you would have while working on a vehicle on the field and allows you to train for a real life situation.

Genuine Lishi is a highly sought after brand that locksmiths trust. Each Lishi tool is developed of the highest quality materials and designed to perfection with feedback from professional locksmiths to ensure ease of use, comfort, speed, and overall effectiveness. The Genuine Lishi Vice is the perfect choice for novice locksmiths getting into the trade or professionals that have decided to switch to Lishi tools and require the added training in order to perfect their skills with the new tools.


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