ZN030 - ABPROG with Ext. Cable
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ZN030 - ABPROG with Ext. Cable

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ZN030 - ABPROG with Ext. Cable

The ZN030 ABPROG Programmer is a set of devices, designed to assist with many procedures, which require work on bench with multiple units in the vehicle.

Main Functionalities:
  • Read, write and erase SPI, Micro-wire and I2C memories
  • Read, write and erase memory of the FEM/BDC without removing it
  • Read and write Bosch EDC16 units (MPC)
  • Reading, writing, and erasing of NEC MCUs from Mercedes-Benz IR-keys
  • Renew HITAG 2 type keys
  • Reading and writing NEC V850 in different modules
  • Reading EWS masks
Supported SPI Memories:
  • ST M35080VP
  • ST M35080V6
  • ST D080D0WQ
  • ST D160D0WQ
  • ST M95010
  • ST M95020
  • ST M95040
  • ST M95080
  • ST M95160
  • ST M95320
  • ST M95640
  • ST M95128
  • ST M95256
  • ST ST95P08
Supported Micro-wire Memories:
  • 93C46 8 bit / 16 bit
  • 93C56 8 bit / 16 bit
  • 93C66 8 bit / 16 bit
  • 93C76 8 bit / 16 bit
  • 93C86 8 bit / 16 bit
Supported I2C Memories:
  • 24C01
  • 24C02
  • 24C08
  • 24C16
  • 24C32
  • 24C64
  • 24C128
  • 24C256
  • 24C512
  • 24C1024

EEPROM of the FEM/BDC without removing (ZN057 required)

The Following Key Types are Supported:

Audi HITAG Keys:
  • 8T0959754D 868MHz R 233.453.111 02
  • 8T0959754 433MHz R 233.453.111 02
  • 8T0959754A 315MHz R 233.453.111 02
  • 8T0959754F 433MHz K 233.453.111 02
  • 8T0959754F 433MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
  • 8T0959754F 433MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
  • 4G0959754K 868MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
  • 4G0959754G 315MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
  • 4H0959754G 315MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
  • 4H0959754K 868MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
  • 8T0959754 433MHz R 233.453.111 05-06
  • 8T0959754D 868MHz R 233.453.111 05-06
  • 8T0959754G 315MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
  • 4H0959754DD 868MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • 4H0959754D 868MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • 8K0959754H 868MHz R 233.453.211 01-02
  • 4G0959754BP 315MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • 4G0959754DB 315MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • 4G0959754DC 315MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • 4H0959754DA 433MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • 4H0959754DB 315MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • 8K0959754BR 868MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • 8K0959754D 868MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
  • F HUF5661 868Mhz
  • F HUF5662 315MHz
  • F HUF5663 433MHz
  • F HUF5767 433Mhz
  • F 5WK49661 868MHz
  • F 5WK49662 433MHz
  • F 5WK49663 315MHz
  • E 5WK49125 868MHz Remote
  • E 5WK49127 315MHz Remote
  • E 5WK49145 868MHz Keyless
  • E 5WK49147 315MHz Keyless
  • FIAT 500X Keyless AES
  • Chrysler Jeep Dodge M3M Keyless AES
  • OPEL 13149658 Zafira B
  • OPEL ASTRA J/INSIGNIA 13500234 433MHz 3BTN
  • BUICK 13500224(13584825) 315MHz
  • BUICK 13500225(13584825) 315MHz
  • CADILLAC NBG009768T 315MHz 5BTN Keyless
  • CHEVROLET 13500319(13584829) 315MHz 5BTN
  • CHEVROLET 13575163 433MHz 2BTN
  • CHEVROLET 13575175 433MHz 3BTN
  • CHEVROLET 13500221 315MHz
  • GM Keyless 433MHz 5BTN
Porsche HITAG Keys
  • 7PP959753AJ 433MHz
  • 7PP959753BN 434MHz
  • 7PP959753BQ 315MHz
  • 7PP959753BM 315MHz
  • 7PP959753BS 434MHz
  • 21676652
  • E33CI002
  • E25CI009
  • E28CI01B
Renault HITAG Keys
  • RENAULT DACIA AES 2244706 434MHz
  • RENAULT AES 433MHz 7945(53)MC2200
  • RENAULT Keyless AES 433MHz 7953MC2200
  • RENAULT FLUENCE 3BTN 61A001 (AK010008)
  • RENAULT MEGANE3 285970036R
  • RENAULT MEGANE3 285970036R
Volvo HITAG Keys (for vehicles produced after 2007)
  • KR55WK49266 900 MHz
  • KR55WK49269 433 MHz
Mitsubishi HITAG Keys
  • G8D 644M
Land Rover HITAG Keys
  • RANGE ROVER 5E0U40247 434MHz

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