ABRITES AVDI Professional Bluetooth VIN Reader
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ABRITES AVDI Professional Bluetooth VIN Reader

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ABRITES AVDI Professional Bluetooth VIN Reader

The Abrites VIN reader is a convenient hand-held device used together with an Android or iOS based mobile device in order to establish the VIN, or vehicle identification numbers of the electronic modules installed in a modern vehicle and checks said VIN numbers against stolen vehicle databases in order to determine whether or not one or more modules in a vehicle have their origins in a stolen car. Another feature provided by the VIN reader is that it can also help determine if a car has been stolen and tampered with. The device uses a Bluetooth connection to the Android or iOS mobile device in order to scan and establish the electronic modules installed in the vehicles which need to be tested. With the help of the Abrites VIN reader you can read and verify that the electronic modules in the vehicle indeed belong to it and have not been replaced. It has another very important function and this is to assist authorities to look for modules which have been replaced with such from vehicles of interest and determine if said vehicles have not been stolen or modified in an illegal manner. For workshops the Abrites VIN reader is essential because you can check cars before they come into your shop. This allows you to evaluate the risk in case you suspect that the vehicle may have been tampered with. For all authority organizations and police forces worldwide this is also an essential device as it can be used to analyze vehicles of interest. It can assist in many forms of investigations related to automotive criminal activity. Based on the full list of vehicle identification numbers you can have enough information in order to continue your investigation into the vehicle itself.

  • Efficient – quick connection and performance. Simply connect the Bluetooth interface to the mobile application and begin scanning the vehicle for modules that contain a VIN. The results can be seen in less than 30 seconds.
  • Multi-brand compatible – as part of your toolset the Abrites VIN Reader will allow you to scan all popular vehicle brands such as VAG BMW, Mercedes and many more.
  • Safe and secure – once the scanning process is complete, the application automatically compares the VIN numbers to all records in a stolen-vehicle database in order to make sure the vehicle is not the subject of a crime.
  • Ensures your safety
  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • User-friendly
Who is it for?
  • Law enforcement officials: Law enforcement and government officials often need to verify a vehicle’s identification number when investigating a vehicle-related case or executing border control operations. The cross-check with stolen vehicles databases is uniquely useful when it comes to proving whether said vehicle had been stolen. The tool offers straightforward information, and it is very easy to use in the field-
    • Case investigations
    • Border or traffic control operations
    • On-spot security checks
  • Insurance professionals: Insurance professionals can also benefit from using the VIN Reader tool when gathering evidence on insurance cases involving vehicles subject of their work.
  • Dealerships representatives: Used cars dealers would always check a vehicle’s identification number before undertaking any trade activity with it. The VIN Reader offers a fast and easy way to secure the vehicle up for sale is acquired legally-
    • VIN reading
    • Stolen-vehicle database search
    • Reliable results
  • Garages and workshops
  • Anyone interested in their vehicle's history: Everyone can benefit from reading a vehicle’s identification number before they potentially buy a used car. It is always good to be able to verify a vehicle is safe to purchase, or even if its modules have been acquired in a legal manner, in case any of them has been replaced. Get your VIN Reader and see!

Mileage Reading: Read the mileage information in all modules where it is stored! This functionality allows to easily compare mileage data in various units. In case major discrepancies occur, it is a probable sign that mileage tampering* had taken place.
We have also added extended functionality and support for new car models in the existing VIN Reader App.
*mileage data is a calculated value, a result of data extraction, which can differ from real values. Abrites is not eligible regarding the truthfulness of the extracted mileage data.

VIN Report: After reading the VINs in the vehicle, you can save the Report to a file and share it. This is a convenient way of transferring the information, when for example, a law enforcement professional is in the field and needs to send the data urgently.

Selective Scan: With the new capability to detect mileage tampering, now you can also choose what to scan for when using the VIN Reader. Either VIN reading or Mileage reading, or both - it's up to you!

How It Works:

The VIN Reader works with the designated VIN Reader application, available for free for iOS and Android devices.

  • Install the app
  • Plug the interface
  • Turn your Bluetooth ON
  • Connect to your car

Once you open the VIN Reader mobile application, it begins scanning the vehicle for modules containing a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
The results can be seen in less than 30 seconds!

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