ABRITES Diagnostics for Bikes, Snowmobiles, Water scooters
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ABRITES Diagnostics for Bikes, Snowmobiles, Water scooters

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BK002 - Advanced bike diagnostics, BMW bikes key programming Abrites

Bike/Snowmobiles/Water scooters Commander

Standard diagnostic functions:

For all electronic control units reading identification data
For all electronic control units read/clear fault codes (DTCs)
Device scan
Data Display / Measured values

Special functions:

Key programming for BMW bikes by diagnostic

Read/Update ConfData by diagnostic link for the following immobilizers:

Read/Update ConfData by diagnostic link for the following ECUs:

Key programming Aprilia, Gilera, Piaggio

The Bike, Snowmobiles and Water scooter commander software support following models for diagnostics:

Aprilia - Arrecife 500, Atlantic 500, Atlantic Sprint 400, Atlantic Sprint 500, Scarabeo 400, Scarabeo 500

Bmw - R1200GS HP2 MegaMoto (2007+), R1200GS HP2 Enduro (2006-2008), R1200GS Adventure (2006+), R1200GS (2004+), R1200GS (2013+) , R1200R (2006+),R1200RT (2005+), R1200S HP2 (2007+), R1200S (2006+),R1200ST (2005+), R1200C (1998-2006), R1200CL(2002-2006),R1150GS Adventure 2 spark (2003-2006), R1150GS Adventure (2002-2003), R1150GS 2 spark (2003-2006), R1150GS (2000-2003), R1150R 2 spark (2003-2007), R1150R (2001-2003), R1150RT 2 spark (2003-2008), R1150RT (2001-2003),R1150RS 2 spark (2003-2006), R1150RS (2001-2003), R1100S 2 spark (2003-2006), R1100S (1998-2003), R850R 2 spark (2003-2008),R850R (2002-2003), R850RT 2 spark (2003-2008), R850RT (2001-2008), R850C (1999-2004), F800GS (2007+),F800GT/GSA (2013+), F800R (2007+), F800ST (2006+), F800S (2006+), F650GS 800cc (2007+), F650GS Dakar 2 spark (2004-2008), F650GS Dakar (2000-2004), F650GS 2 spark(2004-2008), F650GS (2000-2004), F650CS 2 spark (2004-2006), F650CS (2000-2004), K1300GT (2008+), K1300R (2008+), K1300S (2008+), K1200GT (2006+), K1200GT (non-CAN)(2003-2005), K1200LT (1999-2008), K1200R Sport (2006+), K1200R (2005+), K1200RS (1997-2008), K1200S (2004+), K1300R (2010+),K1600GT/GTL ( 2011+),G650GS (2008+), G650 Xchallenge (2007+), G650 Xmoto (2007+), G650 Xcountry (2007+), G450X (2008+), C1-200 (2001-2006), C1-125 (2000-2006), C600 Sport/C600 GT (2012+), S1000RR (2010+)

Kawasaki - BJ250 Estrella, Concours, ER-6f '06, ER-6f '08, ER-6n '06, ER-6n '08, Epsilon 250, GTR 1400, KSF450-B, KX 450 F, LX250, Ninja, ZX-10R '04, Ninja ZX-10R '06, Ninja ZX-10R '08, Ninja ZX-12R '00, Ninja ZX-12R '04, Ninja ZX-14R '06, Ninja ZX-14R '08, Ninja ZX-6R '03, Ninja ZX-6R '05,Ninja ZX-6R '08, Ninja ZX-6R '09, Ninja ZX-6RR '03, Ninja ZX-6RR '05, VN 1500 Mean Streak, VN 1500 Vulcan, VN 1600 Classic. VN 1600 Mean Streak, VN 2000, VN 900 Classic '06, VN 900 Classic '08, Versys, Z1000 '03, Z1000 '07, Z750 '04, Z750 '08, Z750S '04, ZZR 1400 '06, ZZR 1400 '07

Piaggio - Beverly 400, Beverly 500, X8 400, X9 500

Suzuki - AN250K3_L1, AN250MK7_L1, AN400K3_L2, AN400AK9_L2, AN650K3_K4, AN650K5_L1, AN650AK4, AN650AK5_L2, DL650K4_L1, DL650AK7_L2, DL1000K4_L2, DR125SMK9_L1, FL125SDWK7_K9, GSF650_SK7_L2, GSF650A_SAK5_K6,GSF650A_SAK7_L2, GSF1200A_SAK6, GSF1250K7_L1, GSF1250SK7_L2, GSF1250AK7_L1, GSF1250SAK7_L2, GSR400K6_L0,GSR400AK7_L1, GSR600K6_L0, GSR600AK7_L0, GSR750L1_L2, GSR750AL1_L2, GSX650FK8_L2, GSX650FAK9_L2,GSX_R600_750K4_L2, GSX_R1000K3_L2, GSX1250FAL0_L2, GSX1300BKK8_L0, GSX1300BKAK8_L0, GSX1300RK8_L2,GSX1400K4_K7, GW250L2_L3, GZ125K7_L1, RMX450ZL0_L2, RM_Z250L0_L3, RM_Z450K8_L3, RV125K7_L3, RV200K8_L3,SFV400AL0_L2, SFV650K9_L2, SFV650AK9_L2, ST250XK8_L0, SV650K3_K9, SV650SK3_L2, SV650AK7_K9, SV650SAK7_L2,SV1000_SK3_K7, TU250G_G2K9_L1, TU250XK9_L2, UH125_200K7_L2, UL250K8, UX125_150K8_L1, VL400K9_L1,VL800K5_L2, VL1500K5_L0, VLR1800K8_L1, VZ400K9_L1, VZ800K5_L2, VZ1500K9_L0, VZR1800K6_L2, LT_A400_FL0_L3, LT_A450XK7_L0, LT_A500XPK9_L3, LT_A700XK5_K7, LT_A750XK8_L3, LT_A750XPK9_L3, LT_F400_FL0_L3, LT_R450K6_L2,LT_Z400K9_L2.

New AVDI Interface or activate AMS is required to purchase this special functions.

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