Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3 Thermal Drone Rugged Bundle with Remote Controller (Android and iOS compatible)
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Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3 Thermal Drone Rugged Bundle with Remote Controller (Android and iOS compatible)

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Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3 Thermal Drone Rugged Bundle with Remote Controller (Android and iOS compatible)

  • 6.4" Smart Controller SE
  • 15KM Image Transmission
  • RTK module with centimeter-level accuracy
  • SkyLink 2.0
  • 50MP Picture/0.8" CMOS Sensor
  • 640*512 Thermal Imaging Resolution
  • 10 Thermal Color Palettes
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance
  • Dynamic Track 2.0
  • 38 Mins Flight Time
EVO II Dual 640T RTK

Autel EVO 2 Dual 640T thermal drone is an industry-first drone combining infrared imaging camera with 8K video camera. With thermal resolution up to 640x512 and an 8k sensor EVO 2 becomes a workhorse. First responders, contractors, and business owners finally have a compact and portable tool that gives them the data they have been asking for.

Dual Cameras, Accurate Temperature Measurement-EVO II DUAL 640T RTK V3

The EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3 is equipped with a high-resolution thermal imaging camera and an all new Sony .8" 50 megapixel RYYB sensor.

High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Sensor

Equipped with a 640x512 high-resolution thermal imaging camera featuring a 13mm focal length lens and 16x digital zoom, it is easy to observe distant targets. The system uses a new image processing algorithm, making thermal imaging details clearer and more discernible than the competition with the similar resolution and hardware.

Precise Temperature Measurement

The EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3 can accurately detect heat sources within a distance of 2-20 meters. By leveraging the compensation algorithm of infrared temperature measurement, the 640T RTK can regulate temperature deviations within 3 degrees Celsius.

Thermal Drones In Wildlife Management

More than 6 million feral hogs roam the United States. From Hawaii to Florida, these invasive cousins of domestic swine have increased their range from 17 states in the 1980s to more than 35 states today. Able to breed year-round with average litters of five-eight piglets, feral hog populations can double in size within four months. Weighing between 75 and 500 pounds, feral hogs’ aggressive behavior is very destructive to agriculture, natural ecosystems, people, pets and livestock.

Thermal imaging helps spot predators that could injure or kill farm animals. This will ensure peace of mind for farm owners. This footage show just how hard Wild Boar are to identify with the naked eye but with the help of the thermal drone they are easy to locate and count.

Thermal Drones in Hunting

Welcome to the drone world! While I am vegetarian, I can endorse your efforts for wanting to use a drone for hog hunting!
Using drones to hunt wild hogs is an excellent use case. Add a thermal camera, and they are easier to spot. Using drones to hunt hogs has been a common practice for many years, but it used to be extremely expensive; Hunters in the past have used $15,000+ rigs to make it happen.
Now drones with thermal cameras are cheaper than ever before — and extremely easy to fly.

Thermal Drones In Residential Roof Inspection

On shingle, tile or slate roof structures, you can document the exterior condition of the roof using UAV based high resolution visible imaging where we can easily observe hail damage, wind damage, openings in the roof, cracked tiles and much much more. When it gets wet, it creates a hotter temperature on the surface of the membrane that can be easily detected with infrared imaging.

Thermal Drones In Industrial Inspection

The EVO II 640T uses an 8K Visual Spectrum Sensor and 640 Radiometric Thermal Sensor, giving inspectors the ability to perform multiple roof inspections in half the time it takes by conventional methods. Our drone kits will not only allow you to visually inspect the entire building , but also use thermal technology to check for hot spots. This enables you to safely and quickly check the status of the structure. As well as to help you identify defects, leakage, and corrosion issues, without having to spend on additional personnel and equipment.

Thermal Drones in Agriculture

The benefits of drones in agriculture have been well documented, but beyond monitoring crop and plant health, drones can also keep track of livestock with thermal cameras. In flight, a drone with thermal imaging capabilities is a powerful tool for monitoring many different types of wildlife. Thermal cameras can detect the heat signature from an animal at a distance, providing drone pilots with data they otherwise wouldn't be able to gather.

Thermal Imaging Function
Picture-in-Picture Mode

Visual and thermal imagery are combined to help users quickly interpret data and critical decision making. From top to bottom are "Picture in Picture Mode", "infraed More", and "visible Light Mode"

Spot Temperature Measurement

Tap the screen, and the temperature of the selected object will be displayed in real time.

Regional Temperature Measurement

Get a dynamic view of the average temperature, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature displayed in a selected area.
The temperature measurement frame can be dragged to any position on the screen.

Temperature Warning

Monitors the screen temperature in real time. The system prompts the user when the temperature reaches a set thresholds
Note: The temperature alarm takes effects only in Regional temperature measurement mode

Image Enhancement

Supports real-time adjustment of image brightness, contrast, and image details. The system will highlight any objects within the temperature target.

10 Thermal Color Palettes

White Hot | Cold and Hot | Rainbow | Enhanced Rainbow | Iron bow | Lava | Arctic | Searing | Gradation | Heat Detection

Powerful Infrared Thermal Analysis Tool(IRPC)

This free temperature measurement analysis tool is developed for the 640T, and enables users to quickly import images, edit and analyze temperature measurement, and to generate detailed reports for sharing and coolaboration.(Select the "Word" icon Export report. Generate analysis report)

All three camera modules support a variety of shooting modes, including: Single-shot; Burst shooting; Auto exposure bracketing (AEB); Time-lapse; High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging; NIGHTBEAT (high signal-to-noise ratio)

Connect Autel Live Deck to display live on any device

A high-definition live feed from the EVO 2 drone camera can be displayed on your remote control’s screen or connect withAutel Live Deck to displayed on any device including computer, tv, phone, etc. Of course, Images and videos can be stored in the aircraft’s onboard memory or on a micro SD card.

Adjust field-of-view to any angle from 0° to 90° while flying

EVO II Dual Drone contains a high-precision 3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera steady while the aircraft is flying, ensuring image stability and clarity. Also, You can use the remote control's gimbal pitch dial to adjust the pitch axis to any angle from 0° to 90° at any time.

All Cameras interchangeable

Autel EVO II Series Dones is one aircraft with three camera options. All cameras for Evo II can be purchased separately and are interchangeable!

Centimeter-Level Positioning System

The EVO II RTK series integrates an entirely new RTK module, which provides real-time centimeter-level positioning data and supports Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK). The EVO II RTK aircraft can record the original satellite observation data, camera exposure parameters and various other data. The positioning system supports A-RTK base station and RTK network, which helps to achieve accurate and stable data acquisition in complex operation environments.


Viewpoint allows the user to send the aircraft to a selected destination by touching a point on the screen. Featured with the same waypoints function as EVO to program autonomous flight routes. EVO II Dual can even save multiple waypoint missions making it easy for surveying.

Auto go home & Accurate Landing

EVO 2 Dual will return home automatically when Low Aircraft Battery Level and Communication Lost. Additionally, EVO 2’s bottom binocular vision camera to create a density depth map. Then, it calculates the depth map's flatness and angles to ensure an accurate and safe landing.

Super Battery Life & 9KM Extended Range

Autel EVO 2 Dual comes standard with a 7100mAh rechargeable battery. Providing up to 38min of flight time in forward motion to up to 9km away and 35min at a hover. And top speed up to 45MPH, additionally There is no geofencing or cellular service restrictions on any of EVO II Dual.


Thermal Camera

Sensor FLIR BOSON Sensor 640*512/ 320*256
Pixels EVO II Dual (640) 640*512
EVO II Dual (320) 320*256
Pixel Pitch 12 µm
Wavelength 7.5 - 13.5µm
FOV EVO II Dual (640) 32°
EVO II Dual (320) 34°
Lens EVO II Dual (640) 14 mm
EVO II Dual (320) 6.3 mm
Zoom 1 ~ 8x
Still Image Resolution Infrared Mode:640x512
Picture in Picture Mode: 1920x1080, 1280x720
Still Image Format JPEG
Still Photography Modes Single shot, Burst shooting, Time
Video Resolution Infrared Mode: 640x512 (US)
Picture in Picture Mode: 1920x1080 p30, 1280x720 p30
Video Format MOV/MP4 (H.264/H.265 supported)

8k Camera

Sensor 1/2" CMOS
Effective Pixels: 48 MP
Performance temperature: -20~60°C
Lens FOV: about 79°
35mm Format Equivalent: 25.6 mm
Aperture: f/1.8
Shooting Range: 0.5 m to ∞
ISO Range Video: ISO100~3200 (Auto)
Video: ISO100~3200 (Manual)
Photo: ISO100~3200 (Auto)
Photo: ISO100~3200 (Manual)
Shutter Speed Electronic Shutter: 8 ~ 1/8000s
Digital Zoom 1 ~ 8x (Max. 4x lossless zoom)
Still Image Resolution 8000x6000 (4:3)
7680x4320 (16:9)
4000x3000 (4:3)
3840x2160 (16:9)
Still Image Format JPEG / DNG / JPEG+DNG
Still Photography Modes Single Shot
Burst Shooting: 3/5 frames
Video Resolution 7680x4320 p25/p24
5760x3240 p30/p25/p24
3840x2160 p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24
2720x1528 p120/p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24
1920x1080 p120/p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24
Video Format MOV / MP4
Codecs H.264 / H.265
Max Video Bitrate 120Mbps
HDR Video Recording Supports 3840x2160, 2720x1528, 1920x1080 HDR video recording


Weight 0.30 lbs (135 grams)
Mechanical Range Pitch: -135° to +45
Yaw: -100° to +100°
Controllable Range Pitch: -90° to +30°
Yaw: -90° to +90°
Stabilization 3-Axis (Tilt, Roll, Pan)
Max Control Speed (Tilt) 300°/s
Angular Vibration Range ±0.005°


Takeoff Weight 2.5 lbs (1150 g)
Max Takeoff Weight 4.4 lbs (2000 g)
Dimensions Folded: 8.98 x 5.24 x 4.33 inch (L x W x H) (228 x 133 x 110 mm)
Unfolded: 16.69 x 13.94 x 4.33 inch (L x W x H) (424 x 354 x 110 mm)
Diagonal Distance 15.63 in (397 mm)
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 22,965 ft (7000 m)
Max Flight Time (no wind) EVO II Dual (640) 38min
EVO II Dual (320) 40min
Max Hovering Time (no wind) EVO II Dual (640) 33min
EVO II Dual (320) 35min
Max Flight Distance (no wind) 15.53 miles (25 km)
Max Wind Speed Resistance 39-46 mph (Level 8)
Max Tilt Angle Standard mode: 28°
Ludicrous mode: 33°
Max Angular Velocity 120°/second
Max Ascent Speed Standard mode: 11.18 mph (5 m/s)
Ludicrous mode: 17.89 mph (8 m/s)
Max Descent Speed Standard mode: 6.71 mph (3 m/s)
Ludicrous mode: 8.94 mph (4 m/s)
Max Speed (near sea level, no wind) Standard mode: 33.55 mph (15 m/s)
Ludicrous mode: 44.73 mph (20 m/s)
Operating Temperature Range 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
Operating Frequency 2.4~2.4835GHz
Transmission Power (EIRP)

FCC: ≤26 dBm
ISED: ≤26 dBm
CE: ≤20 dBm
RCM: ≤20 dBm
SRRC: ≤26 dBm

Hovering Accuracy Range Vertical:
± 0.78 in (when vision positioning is active)
± 7.87 in (with GPS positioning)
± 0.78 in (when vision positioning is active)
± 3.28 ft (with GPS positioning)
Internal Storage 8 GB
SD Storage Standard: 32 GB
Max Micro SD Card Supported: 256 GB

Sensing System (Obstacle Avoidance)

Sensing System Omnidirectional Binocular Obstacle Sensing System
Forward Precision Measurement Range: 0.5-20 m
Detectable Range: 0.5-40m
Effective Sensing Speed: <15m/s
FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 80°
Backward Precision Measurement Range: 0.5-16 m
Detectable Range: 0.5-32m
Effective Sensing Speed: <12m/s
FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 80°
Upward Precision Measurement Range: 0.5-12 m
Detectable Range: 0.5-24m
Effective Sensing Speed: <6m/s
FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 50°
Downward Precision Measurement Range: 0.5-11 m
Detectable Range: 0.5-22m
Effective Sensing Speed: <6m/s
FOV: Horizontal: 100°, Vertical: 80°
Sides Precision Measurement Range: 0.5-12 m
Detectable Range: 0.5-24m
Effective Sensing Speed: <10m/s
FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 50°
Operating Environment Forward, Backward, Upward and Sides: Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux > 20)
Downward: Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux > 20)
Detects diffuse reflective surfaces (>20%) (walls, trees, people, etc.)

Remote Controller

Operating frequency 902-928MHz (FCC Only) 2.400-2.4835GHz 5.725-5.850GHz (non-Japan) 5.650-5.755GHz (Japan Only)
Transmission power FCC:≤33dBm CE:≤20dBm@2.4G,≤14dBm@5.8G SRRC:≤20dBm@2.4G,≤33dBm@5.8G/5.7G
Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference) FCC:15km CE:8km
Display screen 2048x1536 60fps
Battery 5800mAh
Operating time ~3 hours (Max. Brightness) ~4.5 hours (50% Brightness)
Charging time 120 minutes
Internal Storage ROM 128GB


Capacity 7100 mAh
Voltage 11.55 V
Max Charging Voltage 13.2 V
Battery Type LiPo 3S
Energy 82 Wh
Net Weight 0.81 lbs (365 grams)
Charging Temperature Range 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Max Charging Power 93 W
Charging Time 90min
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