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Xhorse VVDI MB Machine BGA Mercedes Key Programmer


Xhorse VVDI MB Machine BGA Mercedes Key Programmer

$ 2,058.82

The VVDI MB BGA Key Programmer from XHorse is the latest key programmer for Mercedes Benz. It will allow you to program new keys to your customer's Mercedes without the need for desoldering/resoldering. Features frequent online updates, supports Mercedes Benz keys, reading password and preparing a new key via IR. Mainly used for key reading and writing, EIS tools, password calculation, key file preparing, ESL tools, ECU/Gearbox renewal, and many more special functions.

Includes the original Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool Mercedes Benz Key Programmer BGA Calculator. Features frequent online updates, reading Mercedes passwords, preparing a new key/remote via IR, and more necessary functions for Benz key programming.


Supports BE key, read password and prepare new key via IR
NEC V051,V057 supports password retrieval on-board (no EEPROM needed)
On-board writing and erasing to all NEC keys (no EEPROM needed)
Fast password calculations for BGA and NEC keys (include 51,57 version)
Writes & renews EIS (EZS) and ELV (ESL)
Generates key file (must have Internet access)
Unlocks ELV (ESL)
COMING SOON: Renews other control module
Xhorse Mercedes Benz key programmer nec and bga keys

Read key basic information

Key with BE version, we can read password from key via IR directly.

renew key, write new key file via IR is also supported

Support IR repair key, repair key not work via IR

NEC adaptor can read key password from NEC v51, v57 version

Support write and renew (NEC adaptor) NEC key versions following:

v51, v57
v28, v35, v40
v03, v06, v08 (Keyless Go) v05, v07, v09 (Keyless Go) v59, v61 (Keyless Go)

Support read EIS data via OBD and IR adaptor

Under OBD mode, we provide auto detect EIS type for CAN protocol

Support read W164, W209, W211 EIS via OBD without gateway support

Support read old Motorola EIS (HC05, HC08, K-Line) password via IR directly

Support renew EIS, make 2nd hand EIS to new one (online)

Support replace EIS, you can write original EIS data to new EIS via IR

Support write new VIN

Support clear TP

Support disable key position



Support chasis type

W164 2009-
W166, 197, 212, 218, 246
W169, 209, 211
W172, 204, 207, 212(old, with ELV) W203, 463, 639 (K)
W202, 208, 210 (K)
W215, 220 (K)
W230 (K)
W639 2009

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