Car Opener and Extractor Tools - Complete Specialty Tools Bundle
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Car Opener and Extractor Tools - Complete Specialty Tools Bundle

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Car Opener and Extractor Tools - Complete Specialty Tools Bundle

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Premium Ford Tibbe Mondeo Jaguar Lock Pick


PFTPD FORD Tibbe PREMIUM PICK SET W/ LEATHER CASE. This version of the Tibbe pick is of far stronger construction, made from stainless steel with an easy to use precise built in decoding gauge, a superb quality professional tool, for both beginners and professionals. This will pick and decode the Ford Tibbe Lock in seconds providing a code that can be used to cut a new Ford Tibbe key. Easy to read marked out coding numbers. Supplied in a quality leather case.Note: These are delicate tools and break easily even under moderate pressure. Only light pressure is required. They are non returnable if broken. Do not buy if you do not agree to these terms. Please enquirer if advice is required before purchase.

LOCK MONKEY MK200 Under-the-Door Lever Opener


The Under-the-Door Lever Opener Tool is simply the fastest and easiest way to open commercial levers. Having this tool will make you feel joy ever time you see your lock pick call involves a commercial lever. Learn how to do it right and you'll open that door in less than 10 SECONDS! The only thing that should prevent you from opening that door is if there is something behind the door stopping you from sliding the tool in, or sometimes if there is a lot of the customer's belongings hanging on the interior lever.

Make sure you purchase a Replacement Cable. Always keep a replacement handy. It's pretty unusable after a cable breaks.


Similar to the Keedex K-22 (K22)

LOCK MONKEY MK201 Replacement Cable for Under the Door Lever Opener

LOCK MONKEY MK201 Replacement Cable for Under the Door Lever Opener

Lock Repair Pick Set 17 Tools 3 Locks and 1 James Bond Tool

  • Product Name: locksmith tools lock pick set
  • Pick tools material: stainless steel
  • Weight: 0.7KG
  • Box size: 20*10*3.2cm
  • Locks: 3 pcs
  • Tools: 17pcs
Package list:
  • 1 black bag
  • 17 pcs repair tools
  • 3 transparent lock
  • 1 James Bond Tool

KLOM Broken Key Extractor Set Plus


KLOM Broken Key Extractor Set Plus enables broken keys to be removed from both car locks and door locks.
Designed to extract broken keys stuck in a wide variety of residential and automotive locks.

Part #: KL-308

Hudson Lock Spiral-Type Spiral Blade Key Extractor Brass Handle (.040)


Retrieving broken keys and foreign objects from locks is a regular part of your business. HPC produces a wide range of the finest extractors on the market. These individual extractors provide a variety of options to suit most preferences.

  • No. EZ-5 Spiral Blade Stainless steel blade with brass handle (.040 inch thick)

LAB Cylinder Cap Removal Tool


Time-saving tool to remove the cylinder caps from Schlage, Weiser, Arrow, and Falcon Cylinders.

LOCK MONKEY MK320 Basic Curved Shims (30 Pack)


Necessary when working with standard residential and commercial locks.


LOCK MONKEY MK340 3/4" Give-Away Key Rings (500 Pack)


Give these inexpensive, disposable key rings to your customers.

Hudson Lock Pin Tumbler Tweezers - Master Pack


The groove in the tip of the Pin Tumbler Tweezers provides a firm, non-twisting grip on cylinder pins for easy loading. The tip is also milled back so that the outside diameter of a standard .115″ (2.92mm) pin extends past the tip. This permits the pin to butt up against the end of the plug follower when loading the upper chambers, providing added control when holding top or master pins of varying lengths.

LOCK MONKEY MK380 12-in-1 Residential/Commercial Key Decoder

12 useful tools for residential/commercial locksmithing:
  • Kwikset Key Gauge (KW1/KW10/KW11)
  • Schlage Key Gauge (SC1/SC4/SC7/SC8/SC9/SC10)
  • Yale Key Gauge (Y1,Y2)
  • Arrow Key Gauge (AR1,AR4)
  • Weiser Key Gauge (WR5)
  • Master Key Gauge (M1)
  • Weslock Key Gauge
  • SFIC A2 Key Gauge (Best/Arrow/Falcon Small Format IC Core)
  • Kwikset C-Clip Manipulation Tool (A)
  • Schlage F-Line C-Clip Removal Tool (B)
  • Retaining Pin Depressor (C)
  • Universal C-Clip/E-Clip Removal Tool (D)
  • Made with 1/16" thick steel to provide extremely high durability
  • Laser cut provides higher tolerances and more accuracy
  • Laser engraved markings will never rub off
  • Slim shape to easily fit in your existing tool kit
  • Dimensions: 2.25"W x 6.5"H

Replaces Schlage 40-140 Key Gage, pin depressor from M504-310

LOCK MONKEY MK330 Kwikset Cylinder Removal Tool


Made from High Quality Stainless Steel, the Kwikset Cylinder Removal Tool quickly removes spindles from Kwikset knobsets.

  • Kwikset 81467-001 81467-003

PRO-LOK Master Pin Follower (LT370)


A versatile Master Pin Follower can be used for the removal of upper chamber master pins (up to .100) with a quick twist. May also be used for standard rekeying tasks. Made from machined aluminum to exact tolerances with a Red anodized finish.

LAB - LFTSA Anodized Plug Followers Set of 4 - Aluminum

  • Set of 4 Anodized Aluminum Followers
  • Color Coded Laser Engraved
  • Easy to use with most rim, mortise, padlock, and key-n-knob / lever cylinders with or without tail pieces.
  • Diameters .550, .500, .495, .398
  • Sold only as a set

GOSO Gun Style Plug Spinner


GOSO gun style plug spinner is equipped with three different shapes and dimensions gun muzzles. This gun has driving elasticity and rapid start can be used to reverse Pin Tumbler Locks- Cross Locks and Auto Locks freely. The magnetic gun head can firmly and quickly change three gun muzzles. The gun’s spring can do both observe and reserved eddy balanced. This product is intended for professional use only. Usage support cannot be provided due to the product’s nature.

Package Included :
  • 1 x GOSO Advanced Plug Spinner
  • 4 x Tips

KLOM High Performance Electro Pick


KLOM High Performance Electro Pick is the original cordless rechargeable electric pick gun. The pickgun rakes open pin and disc tumbler cylinders using a rapid up and bottom pins to separate, meeting the shear line.The up and down motion is adjustable by a thumbscrew with a locking system controlling the action after the range of motion is set.
This new KLOM High Performance Electro Pick includes different needle type pick tips, and tips for dimple type locks. Also it has two tension wrenches, a broken key extractor, high quality KLOM carrying case. The Electropick comes complete with a charger, 18 picking blades and 2 tension tools.
You can use this lock pick anywhere in the world with a plug adapter.
The KLOM High Performance Electro Pick comes with 30 days factory warranty. pick comes with a 90 day warranty.

  • Weight: 0.025 Kg

LAB - EPK003 - .003 Wedge Pro Universal Rekeying Pin Kit - w/ Drawer

  • Solid metal construction. The most durable kit you can buy
  • 10° Wedge angle allows the user to easily view the contents without leaning over the kit to select pin sizes
  • Seal-Tight Lid prevents pins from mixing
  • Dual-View Pin Tray
  • Color Passport Pin Chart®
  • 72 pins per pocket, 100 springs per pocket
  • Key slots for mounting to work bench
  • Dimensions:21-5/8″ x 7-7/8″ x 2″ front x 3″ back
  • .003 Increments
  • 124 Pin sizes, 1 Spring size
  • Top/Master Pins sizes: .010 – .200
  • Bottom sizes: .156 – .360
View Contents Item ID Listing:
Description Polybag SmartPac Vial
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .156 PLAIN NA 3156S4 3156V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .159 PURPLE NA 3159S4 3159V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .162 SILVER NA 3162S4 3162V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .165 GREEN NA 3165S4 3165V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .168 RED NA 3168S4 3168V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .171 PLAIN NA 3171S4 3171V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .174 PURPLE NA 3174S4 3174V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .177 SILVER NA 3177S4 3177V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .180 GREEN NA 3180S4 3180V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .183 RED NA 3183S4 3183V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .186 PLAIN NA 3186S4 3186V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .189 PURPLE NA 3189S4 3189V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .192 SILVER NA 3192S4 3192V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .195 GREEN NA 3195S4 3195V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .198 RED NA 3198S4 3198V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .201 PLAIN NA 3201S4 3201V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .204 PURPLE NA 3204S4 3204V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .207 SILVER NA 3207S4 3207V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .210 GREEN NA 3210S4 3210V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .213 RED NA 3213S4 3213V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .216 PLAIN NA 3216S4 3216V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .219 PURPLE NA 3219S4 3219V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .222 Silver NA 3222S4 3222V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .225 GREEN NA 3225S4 3225V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .228 RED NA 3228S4 3228V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .231 Plain NA 3231S4 3231V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .234 Purple NA 3234S4 3234V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .237 SILVER NA 3237S4 3237V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .240 Green NA 3240S4 3240V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .243 RED NA 3243S4 3243V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .246 PLAIN NA 3246S4 3246V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .249 PURPLE NA 3249S4 3249V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .252 SILVER NA 3252S4 3252V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .255 GREEN NA 3255S4 3255V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .258 Red NA 3258S4 3258V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .261 PLAIN NA 3261S4 3261V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .264 PURPLE NA 3264S4 3264V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .267 SILVER NA 3267S4 3267V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .270 GREEN NA 3270S4 3270V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .273 RED NA 3273S4 3273V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .276 PLAIN NA 3276S4 3276V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .279 PURPLE NA 3279S4 3279V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .282 SILVER NA 3282S4 3282V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .285 GREEN NA 3285S4 3285V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .288 RED NA 3288S4 3288V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .291 PLAIN NA 3291S4 3291V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .294 PURPLE NA 3294S4 3294V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .297 SILVER NA 3297S4 3297V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .300 GREEN NA 3300S4 3300V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .303 RED NA 3303S4 3303V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .306 PLAIN NA 3306S4 3306V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .309 PURPLE NA 3309S4 3309V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .312 SILVER NA 3312S4 3312V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .315 GREEN NA 3315S4 3315V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .318 RED NA 3318S4 3318V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .321 PLAIN NA 3321S4 3321V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .324 PURPLE NA 3324S4 3324V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .327 SILVER NA 3327S4 3327V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .330 GREEN NA 3330S4 3330V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .333 RED NA 3333S4 3333V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .336 PLAIN NA 3336S4 3336V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .339 PURPLE NA 3339S4 3339V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .342 SILVER NA 3342S4 3342V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .345 GREEN NA 3345S4 3345V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .348 RED NA 3348S4 3348V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .351 PLAIN NA 3351S4 3351V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .354 PURPLE NA 3354S4 3354V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .357 SILVER NA 3357S4 3357V4
.003 BOTTOM CROWN PIN .360 GREEN NA 3360S4 3360V4
LAB Springs .115 Dia. Long 115LP1 NA 115LV1
TOP PIN .010 PLAIN NA 010S4 010V4
TOP PIN .015 PLAIN NA 015S4 015V4
TOP PIN .020 SILVER NA 020S4 020V4
TOP PIN .024 PLAIN NA 024S4 024V4
TOP PIN .027 GREEN NA 027S4 027V4
TOP PIN .030 RED NA 030S43 030V4
TOP PIN .033 PLAIN NA 033S4 033V4
TOP PIN .036 PURPLE NA 036S4 036V4
TOP PIN .039 GREEN NA 039S4 039V4
TOP PIN .042 RED NA 042S4 042V4
TOP PIN .045 SILVER NA 045S43 045V4
TOP PIN .048 PLAIN NA 048S4 048V4
TOP PIN .051 PURPLE NA 051S4 051V4
TOP PIN .054 SILVER NA 054S4 054V4
TOP PIN .057 GREEN NA 057S4 057V4
TOP PIN .060 PLAIN NA 060S43 060V4
TOP PIN .063 PURPLE NA 063S4 063V4
TOP PIN .066 SILVER NA 066S4 066V4
TOP PIN .069 RED NA 069S4 069V4
TOP PIN .072 PLAIN NA 072S4 072V4
TOP PIN .075 GREEN NA 075S43 075V4
TOP PIN .078 RED NA 078S4 078V4
TOP PIN .081 PLAIN NA 081S4 081V4
TOP PIN .084 GREEN NA 084S4 084V4
TOP PIN .087 SILVER NA 087S4 087V4
TOP PIN .090 PURPLE NA 090S43 090V4
TOP PIN .093 SILVER NA 093S4 093V4
TOP PIN .096 PURPLE NA 096S4 096V4
TOP PIN .099 RED NA 099S4 099V4
TOP PIN .102 PLAIN NA 102S4 102V4
TOP PIN .105 RED NA 105S43 105V4
TOP PIN .108 PLAIN NA 108S4 108V4
TOP PIN .111 GREEN NA 111S4 111V4
TOP PIN .114 SILVER NA 114S4 114V4
TOP PIN .117 PURPLE NA 117S4 117V4
TOP PIN .120 SILVER NA 120S43 120V4
TOP PIN .123 PLAIN NA 123S4 123V4
TOP PIN .126 RED NA 126S4 126V4
TOP PIN .129 GREEN NA 129S4 129V4
TOP PIN .132 SILVER NA 132S4 132V4
TOP PIN .135 PLAIN NA 135S43 135V4
TOP PIN .138 PURPLE NA 138S4 138V4
TOP PIN .141 RED NA 141S4 141V4
TOP PIN .145 SILVER NA 145S4 145V4
TOP PIN .150 GREEN NA 150S4 150V4
TOP PIN .155 RED NA 155S4 155V4
TOP PIN .160 PLAIN NA 160S4 160V4
TOP PIN .165 PURPLE NA 165S4 165V4
TOP PIN .170 SILVER NA 170S4 170V4
TOP PIN .175 GREEN NA 175S4 175V4
TOP PIN .180 RED NA 180S4 180V4
TOP PIN .185 PLAIN NA 185S4 185V4
TOP PIN .190 PURPLE NA 190S4 190V4
TOP PIN .195 SILVER NA 195S4 195V4
TOP PIN .200 GREEN NA 200S4 200V4

Big Max Jack Auto Opening Set (BMJS4)


The Big Max Jack Set is one of our most popular selling products. It is designed to include the essentials needed to get into most vehicles quickly and effectively. The Big Max Long Reach tool features a Store-N-Go handle for storage of extra tips. The Air Wedge tool features an internal stiffener to make insertion easier and to minimize possible damage to the vehicle.

  • Top selling kit
  • Designed forall vehicles
  • Comes with quick dvd
  • Store-N-Go handle
  • Scratch-proof coating
Includes / Application Chart:
  • Big Max Long Reach Tool
  • One Hand Jack Tool
  • Super Air Wedge
  • Button Strip Tool
  • Quick Video Instructional Dvd With Follow-the-pro Videos
  • Quick One-hand Jack Manual
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case

PRO-LOK Mini Rubber Wedge Car Opening Tool (AO67)


The Mini Rubber Wedge is a versatile tool made from heavy-duty grade, non-marking rubber. Perfect for expanding openings to unlock vehicles without damaging car doors and windows.


HU100 High Security Ignition Removal Tool Set for GM / HU100 V1 V2 V3 V4


Set of all 4 different HU-100 IRT tools at a discounted price.

  • V1, V2, V3, V4

AccuReader is a super delicate tool and can be easily damaged from misuse, locksmith with little knowledge or a wrongful or too much pressure applied can break the tool.

Not Included:
  • NO Support offered.
  • NO Warranty after 30 days.
  • NO refund or replacement of the tool.
  • In the first 30 days a discount credit will be issued after receiving the damaged product. This credit can be used to purchase another AccuReader in our store

Part #: HU100-SET


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